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The Koru swirl is a New Zealand Maori symbol of creation, representing the regeneration of life and new beginnings.

Every search helps clean our oceans. Your searches raise revenue for our partners to remove garbage from the sea.

All of our servers are powered by hydro-electricity. So every search is as eco-friendly as possible.

We protect your privacy by encrypting all web pages.

Your searches help make the world a better place!

You get to help the planet just by searching and surfing the web!

Ekoru was started by Ati Bakush an Australian software professional with 20 years of experience in telecommunications services in South East Asia. As an avid traveler, he’s crossed Australia through its deserts twice from East to West and again from North to South, as well as ventured deep into the jungles of Malaysia.

Visiting far flung kampungs, he witnessed firsthand the effects of deforestation, the encroachment into animal habitats, as well as environmental pollution on a devastating scale from Sumatran forest burnings in Indonesia. In remote Aboriginal settlements he saw the social despair and first world poverty of Australia’s First Peoples.

Wanting a change of direction in life he decided to establish ekoru – a search engine with a mission to help the planet. Each month, it raises money for a new environmental or social cause which is highlighted, allowing users to help the environment, animals, and people just by searching and surfing.

Meet Our Team

Ati Founder
Makes sure that everyone isn't skiving off work.
Cooks a decent omelette. Coffee addict. Loves scifi.
Spirit animal is the Kookaburra
Alison Communications Director
Lets as many people as possible learn about ekoru.
Loves hiking. Friend to cats. Addicted to Nerds sweets.
Spirit animal is the Cat
Julie Senior Designer
Makes everything look pretty.
Learning to water-ski. Favourite holiday destination is Peñíscola in Spain.
Spirit animal is the Red Panda
Louis Senior Developer
Dreams in binary.
Afraid of heights. Received a sky diving gift voucher for birthday.
Spirit animal is the Elephant
Emma Network Guru
Keeps servers and network alive.
Bakes, bakes, and bakes. Life goal to compete on British Bake Off.
Spirit animal is the Arctic Fox
Philippe Developer
Eats bytes for breakfast.
Spends most of his free time playing Overwatch. Has a fear of tomatoes (yes, Lycopersicoaphobia is a thing!).
Spirit animal is the Eagle
Erik Developer
Adept at assasinating bugs.
Surfs at Padang Padang beach in Bali. Eats too much nasi goreng and drinks too much Bintang.
Spirit animal is the Dugong