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Every Search Helps Remove Plastic and Reforests Our Oceans

We're Removing Plastic From Our Oceans

We've been busy this year!

We're Helping Reforest Our Oceans

Operation Posidonia replanting seagrass into the ocean floor!

Clean Up Teams World Wide

Caring volunteers across the planet!

Citizen Scientists Collecting Seagrass Shoots

Storm Squad volunteers making a difference

Data Collected for Scientific Research

Data provided to business, governments, and universities for research and assessment

Seagrass Can Capture Carbon 40 Times Faster Than Tropical Rainforests

Saving Marine Animals

Our cleanup efforts have had a direct impact on improving the lives of marine animals in the ocean

Plastic in Our Oceans Today

160,000 plastic bags are manufactured every second worldwide.

150 million tonnes

Source: Earth Policy

One Soccer Field of Seagrass Lost Every 30 minutes

That's almost 24,000 acres per year.

5 Trillion Plastic Bags Used Each Year

Only 1% are recycled

Seagrass Are Marine Nurseries

Young marine life is able to survive predators by hiding in seagrass

Change Your Search Engine. Save The Oceans.

Every Search Helps Remove Plastic And Reforests Our Oceans

Coastal Cleaning

Saving our marine life

Reforesting Oceans

Keeping our oceans healthy

Fighting Climate Change

Capturing CO2 and producing oxygen


Ocean learning in thousands of schools every year.


Development of innovative solutions

Scientific Research

Providing scientific data