Every Search Helps Remove Plastic and Reforests Our Oceans

When you click on an ad, revenue goes to support Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to help them keep our oceans clean and Operation Posidonia to keep our oceans green.

Ocean Warrior Affiliates

We're proud to support our Ocean Warrior affiliates by highlighting their cause and encouraging users to visit their web site to learn how they can participate in and support their activities.

How Your Searches Help The Ocean

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Relevant sponsored links may appear in the search results, and are clearly marked as Ads.

Whenever these are clicked on, it generates revenue for our ocean conservation partners.

How You Can Help Clean Our Oceans Everyday

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Cleaning Plastic From The Ocean

Every Search Helps Remove Plastic From Our Ocean With Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. Ambassadors around the world cleaning oceans and coastlines, as well as rescue teams helping marine animals in distress.

Cleanup Teams Around The World

Volunteers making a difference

Saving Marine Animals

Removing hazardous nets from the ocean

Underwater Cleanup Teams

Cleaning above and below

Scientific Research

Measuring presence of microplastics in the ocean

Reforesting the Ocean

Every Search Helps Replant Ocean Seagrass and Fight Climate Change With Operation Posidonia. Scientists at University New South Wales and Sydney Institute of Marine Science are fighting climate change by reforesting our ocean with seagrass - the blue carbon sink which is actually green!

Replanting Ocean Seagrass

Underwater diving teams replant seagrass meadows

Fighting Climate Change

Seagrass absorb CO2 40 times faster than rainforest trees

Ongoing Research

Teams undertaking scientific research to develop new techniques

Rejuvination Aquariums

Seagrass are rejuvinated in special outdoor aquariums

Use Ekoru to Reduce Your CO2 Footprint

Ekoru.org is powered by run-of-river hydro-electricity and housed in a datacenter that uses natural convection cooling instead of air-conditioning. This means that our servers don't generate any CO2 emissions. On top of that we have the smallest search pages which means that when the Internet transports the page to your device it generates the least amount of CO2 as well.

A search on Ekoru generates 4.4g less CO2 than other search engines

Comparison between Google and Ekoru based on combination of one search and a results page for datacenter and transport estimated emissions.

CO2 Emissions For a Search Activity

Search Page Comparison

# Search Engine Power Size (kb) 1 Datacenter CO2 (g) 2 Internet CO2 (g) 3 Total CO2 (g) 4 Diff
1. Ekoru Hydro 75 0 0.17 0.17 0%
2. Yandex5 Mixed 322 0.25 0.72 0.97 +477%
3. Duckduckgo Unknown 367 0.28 0.83 1.11 +558%
- Average - 468 0.35 1.05 1.40 +733%
4. Baidu Unknown 504 0.39 1.13 1.52 +804%
5. Google6 Mixed 728 0.56 1.64 2.20 +1,205%
6. Startpage Unknown 810 0.63 1.82 2.45 +1,352%

Search Results Comparison

# Search Engine Power Size (kb) 1.1 Datacenter CO2 (g) 2 Internet CO2 (g) 3 Total CO2 (g) 4 Diff
1. Ekoru Hydro 45 0 0.10 0.10 0%
2. Yandex5 Mixed 401 0.31 0.90 1.21 +1,109%
3. Baidu Unknown 443 0.34 1.00 1.34 +1,236%
- Average - 458 0.35 1.03 1.38 +1,276%
4. Startpage Unknown 482 0.37 1.08 1.45 +1,353%
5. Duckduckgo Unknown 563 0.44 1.27 1.71 +1,598%
6. Google6 Mixed 815 0.63 1.83 2.46 +2,357%

Ocean Fast Facts

Ocean seagrass capture carbon up to 40 times faster than rainforest trees

ABC Australia Science

One hectare of seagrass stores the same amount of carbon as 10 hectare of trees

Smithsonian Magazine

Two football fields of ocean seagrass are lost every hour

Åbo Akademi University

1.56 billion masks entered our ocean in 2020

Oceans Asia

Plastic flowing into the ocean will triple by 2040

National Geographic

150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans, increasing by 8 million tonnes per year

Ocean Conservancy

5 garbage patches exist in our ocean and the Pacific Ocean patch is estimated to weigh 87,000 tons


1 Desktop search landing page in Kb transferred with compression and without cache measured using browser inspector developer tools as of February 2021. Numbers may fluctuate slightly due to dynamic nature of content.

1.1 Desktop search results page containing text links only, in Kb transferred with compression and without cache measured using browser inspector developer tools as of February 2021. Numbers may fluctuate slightly due to dynamic nature of content.

2 CO2 emissions of 0.000388g per kilobyte from a 1200KWh server (Tech Republic: Calculating server power usage) processing 0.5Tb of data per month and calculated with US Energy Information Administration CO2 per KWh

3 CO2 emissions of 2.25Kg per gigabyte or 0.00225g per kilobyte for Internet data transport as measured by ACEEE for KWh cost of Internet transport and US Energy Information Administration CO2 per KWh

4 The total combines the CO2 cost of the server in the datacenter with the cost of transporting the page to the user.

5 Only Finland datacentre uses renewable energy

6 Datacenters with mixed power sources or carbon offset programmes are still included in the total as it is not possible to segment mixed power and even if carbon is offset it is still emitted into the atmosphere.

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The "Big Blue Ocean Cleanup" name and logos are trademarks of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup a Non-Profit Limited by Guarantee (Registration Number: 11228485), at Tremough Innovation Centre, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9TA UNITED KINGDOM. The "Operation Posidonia" name and logos are trademarks of Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences (SIMS), Mosman, 2088 NSW Australia. Ekoru has declared Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and Operation Posidonia as a beneficiaries. Names and logos of affiliates are trademarks of the respective organisations. Ekoru is the sole provider of this search service. Endorsement is not implied by any party.