Privacy Policy

Ekoru is deeply committed to safeguarding user privacy. In our unwavering commitment to privacy, we assure you that no personal information is collected or stored. The extension operates exclusively on your device to block intrusive ads, respecting your privacy at every step.

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, Ekoru may collect anonymous usage statistics. These statistics, devoid of any personally identifiable information, are instrumental in refining the extension's performance and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Your online activities remain shielded from scrutiny. Ekoru refrains from engaging in user profiling, ensuring that your digital footprint stays private and secure.

For improved efficacy, Ekoru may leverage local storage on your device. This storage is restricted to essential data required for the extension's functionality and is never shared or transmitted.

To stay ahead of the dynamic landscape of online advertising, Ekoru releases periodic updates. These updates are geared towards enhancing performance and ensuring compatibility with a diverse range of websites.

Ekoru upholds transparency in its operations. The extension refrains from unnecessary communication with external servers unless imperative for updates. Any data exchanged during updates is confined to what is essential for maintaining the latest version.

By choosing to install Ekoru, you implicitly consent to the terms articulated in this privacy policy.

For any queries or apprehensions regarding the privacy policy or the Ekoru extension, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are here to address your concerns, provide clarity and ensure your peace of mind in navigating the digital realm.