Frequently asked questions

We've had years of experience building messaging, analytics, location, and search platforms for mobile operators and internet service providers.

One day we thought, "Why can't we use our skills for the benefit of society?".

So we got in touch with a broad range of non-profits and charities and they thought it was a good idea too.

And that's how we started ekoru. A search engine for the planet used by people who care ....

Yes, you are. Search Engines might be free to use but they all make make money from sponsored links which appear in the search results.

We're not asking you to click on sponsored links intentionally (seriously, please don't), but just to use us as your default search engine.

Your natural use of the search engine will organically generate revenue which will benefit the causes highlighted

No donations are necessary. We're only asking that you make a choice and use Ekoru as your default search engine. By doing this you will help raise funds for the highlighted cause.